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Welcome to our Online Portal. This e-learning facility is easy to use, fast and flexible, whilst maintaining the highest quality. Our online courses are available on all sorts of devices, including tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.

Browse our categories and choose a course that suits your needs. For each course module there is an e-book containing reading material, and a quiz with a selection of questions that will test the participants knowledge.

On passing a module, a digital certificate unlocks for download. The Certificate shows the participants name, the course title, the Defama Associates logo, and the lead educator’s signature. As soon as you’ve qualified for a Certificate you will be able to view and share a digital version or print a copy.

We provide a modern learning experience designed to engage your employees with the skillsets, professional knowledge, and competency they need to succeed, and for the overall effectiveness of your business.

Communication Skills


Communication Skills Course – All 5 Modules for the price of four!


  • Module 1: Exploring Communication – Getting the best from your communication
  • Module 2: Body Language – The sixth sense in communication
  • Module 3: Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Giving the edge in your communication!
  • Module 4: Communication Styles – Adapting your communication to suit the situation
  • Module 5: Communication Behaviour – Become an all-round excellent communicator

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Communication Skills


Electrical Principles – All 8 Modules for the price of 7!

The course includes the following modules

  • Module 1 – Basic Circuits & Testing
  • Module 2 – Schematics & Symbols
  • Module 3 – Cables & Connections
  • Module 4 – Electrical Equipment
  • Module 5 – Batteries
  • Module 6 – Charging
  • Module 7 – Starting
  • Module 8 – Troubleshooting

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