About Us

Defama Associates was formed in 1993. The vision was to provide a training and consultancy service to Capital Equipment industries; specialising in sales, after-market (parts & service) and customer care for manufactures and dealers, with an ambition to improve their business performance.

Today the consultancy business specialises in providing assistance to agricultural machinery, truck & bus, construction equipment and turf care equipment industries. More recently it has grown to work with other B to B organisations.

To maintain our integrity and that of our clients we have strict procedures in place to ring-fence confidentiality. We also have in place confidentiality agreements.

By drawing on thirty years of experience in sales and management we are able to offer training, colleague development and consultancy services that are founded on sound experience and logic. Our focus has always been to concentrate on offering our clients a tailor made service rather than 'off the shelf' solutions.

Whilst many of the basic rules of business and customer care are generic we pride ourselves at being able to work closely with our clients to develop unique training courses and development programmes that are relevant to the client's business. We always place great emphasis on objectives being set at the end of each course and management follow up being essential to support the training process. This is further enhanced by our Athena online platform.

We have a number of highly experienced Associates who work with us to bring specialist knowledge to subject areas. This again enables us to offer the highest quality services to our clients.

How do we provide ongoing development?

‘Athena’ is our interactive online platform for pre, during & post course assessment. This e-learning platform integrates everything needed for a course and assists with ongoing development. Each course module has its own set of resources and activities, including assignments graded by a course facilitator.

Athena Online Platform

  •  Easy to use
  •  Access to online resources
  •  Discussion forums for interaction between course participants and facilitators
  •  Personal feedback on assignments
  •  Secure environment
  •  Detailed gradebook based on work submitted